Our Decors

Our Laval has 24 Incredible Decors to take pictures in, on top of the location itself, inspired by a Resort!
Come on a photography adventure at our Laval Pop-Up location!

The Cake Room

Let Them Eat Cake! Everything is frosted to make the most delicious pictures!
This room is created by Dora Bones

Dazzle Painting

Abstract black and white room handpainted by Angus Byers

The Graffiti Room

Want to feel like an urban explorer ? REX created this graffiti room for your adventurous shots!

The Roman Bath House

It wouldn't be Le Saint-Motel without a ball pit! Come dip in, the water is warm!

The Arcade

Come try your best score at our Arcade room! All the machines are free to play!

Our Artists

Le Saint-Motel Laval presents a collection of over 20 Rooms created with local Arists!

Angus Byers

Melissa Valiquette

Aimée Boucher
Alex Manneh
Delphie Pratte

REX & Rick

Eddie Spuhghetti

Dora Bones

Sylvie Rochon
Steph Dumais @bloodygorecomix

AJ Little

Sarah Loubiri

Steph Var Rijn


Thanks to
Yannick Pierrehumbert
Sarah Dee
Scott Young
Oliver's Parents
Audrey Ivory
Duy-an Do

We'd also like to thank all our friends and family that came to help paint and setup our decors. It means a lot to us to have you all be a part of our project!