Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Selfie Studio ?

A Selfie Studio is a photography studio where you and your friends
become your own personal photographer! Selfie Studios offer a wide variety of decors, themes and creative environments to take unique
pictures. Each room is perfectly designed for cellphone and professional photography, with balanced lighting and photography accessories. You have total creative independence. It’s almost impossible to take a bad picture!

Marisa says: “Le Saint-Motel is a fantastical interactive experience that puts the artistic direction in your hands.”

Are Walk-ins welcome? How do I Book? When do I arrive?

Walk-ins are welcome! You can purchase your tickets online and come at anytime you'd like OR Just walk-in and buy tickets on the spot!

We accept Cash & Cards!

Our Pop Up will be open until July 2024! So make sure you come before!

Tickets purchased for Le Saint-Motel Laval can only be used at this location!

What are your opening hours?

We are open everyday from 11 am to 6pm.
Our Opening hours are subject to change.

We are closed on Public Holidays, unless previously booked and contacted.

We can be open Later for Private Rentals and Parties.

Can I bring my own DSLR Camera? What should I bring with me?

Yes absolutly!
You are welcome to bring your own professional equipement, as long as they aren't in the way of other guests. If you need to use bigger gear, we recommend renting the space for yourself in the evenings!

We have a changing rooms and coat/shoe racks. Please leave bulky items, personal items of value in your vehicle. We cannot be held responsible
for personal items.
We do not recommend bringing :
Oversized bags, Laptops, Tablets
Oversized coats, umbrellas, luggage, strollers, Skateboards, etc.

Is there a time limit?

Your ticket is valid for a maximum of 3 hours.

Can I rent the space to myself? Do you offer group discounts?

Absolutly, whether it's just for yourself, a small group of friends or an event, it's possible to book Private Rentals.

We offer a variety of Private Rentals for Small and larger events! Please contact us to plan your moment!

I'm an artist, I'd like to submit a room project!

Omg! We love your artistic submissions! Please send us an email at
We will send you our room submission form!

I have a room suggestions, can I send it to you?

Of course! We create these rooms with you in mind! We have an infinite
list of rooms we can't wait to build for you! We'd love to have your
input! Contact us at for your suggestions!

Can i bring food and brevages?

We prefer to have the space food and brevages free. It's possible to
have food and drinks while booking for Private Rentals of 2h+ in the evenings.
We do allow water bottles at all times. It's possible to exit the space to
have a snack and re-enter in your time frame if necessary.

What ages are allowed?

Le Saint-Motel is a family friendly activity! We do prefer that children under 13 be with a parent. We require 1 adult to supervise for each 3 kids. Teens of 14 and over can come without an adult. As much as we adore your children, we are not responsible for them. Please respect the rules established for each decor to avoid getting hurt.

Babies under 1 Year Old can enter for Free with their parent.

For Family discounts, please check our Family Special!

Is Nudity Permited?

The human body is of infinite beauty that must be shared in a consenting context. Note that public rentals are open to customers of all ages with whom you will share the space.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow full nudity on the premise as the space is public and family friendly. It would also be unhygienic. We do allow Swimsuits and Lingerie in PRIVATE RENTALS ONLY. Please do not film adult content in our decors. Unauthorized behaviours will result in a permanent ban from our establishments.

If you wish to change outfits, kindly use our designated changing areas.

I'm a photographer, am I allowed to book clients and stay multiple hours?

We recommend booking a Private Rental for you and your clients to not be disturbed by our Walk-in guests. We love supporting our photography

If you come with 1 or 2 clients that would like to shoot during walk-in hours, please be mindful of others and share the space nicely with other guests that would like to discover rooms. Please don't monopolize rooms.

Please email us for photographer Rates. Each client will be required to purchase a ticket.
Email us at for more details!

Are you pet friendly?

This is a hard decision for us pet lovers. Our Laval location can unfortunately not have any pets due to decors.

What is your Refund Policy?

Tickets are nonrefundable.. As this is a Pop-Up Event, we can't refund tickets.

We do not give refunds or credits for tickets unless necessitated due to COVID-related issues, or Cas de Force Majeur.

Is your Venue Wheelchair Accessible ?

Le Saint-Motel Laval is located in le Mega Centre Notre-Dame. The building has an accessible sidewalk access and an easy same levelled entrance. Most of our decors can be accessed with your wheelchair, unfortunately some decors are in stairs and therefore not wheelchair accessible. Out of our 24 Decors,
6 are not accessible at the time being. We are building accessibility ramps in the near future for those rooms.
Our staff is accessibility focused and will be there to assist in any situation.

Can I get Messy?

Because this is a public space that is shared by other reservations and
clients, we prefer to keep the space clean and non messy.

For this we would like to make reminder that we forbid :
Latex Lubs and Oils
Massage Oils
Sugary Drinks and Soft Drinks
Glitter or Messy Dust like things

We reserve the right to terminate your experience with us if our space and decors aren't respected.